technical details


Our homes are easy to transport. A standard truck is used to carry a module and portico of the same width. To load and unload should take a few minutes or a few hours, depending on the size of the house and quantity of models. 


We use high quality materials that are able to impress even the most demanding clients. All insulations exceeds standard requirements in all countries. 
We use the best insulation technology to achieve the best insulation results possible.


To better undestand the resistance of a modular construction, here are a few features:

  • Insulation made with expanded polystyrene 14cm depth.

  • Client can choose top coat

  • {Interior Walls}  Option to add acoustic insulation

  • Waterproofing of outer surface with elastic membrane of liquid silicone

  • Continuous plan (no joints) Plano contínuo (sem juntas) of reinforced concrete with fiber supported by metallic structure.

  • Thermal insulation in mineral wool with 150mm thickness on the top and 100mm on exterior wallls.

  • Top perimeter trim in anodized aluminum angle.

  • Aluminum frame with double glazing, optional thermal cut.

  • Retention of light in roller blinds or blades.


Our homes and stores are all sustainable and efficient. Most of the materials are recyclable, with only a few exceptions and also depending on interior designing. We are constantly looking for new technology and including them in our design so that our houses are constanly optimized and updated. Our main goal is to make houses 100% self-sustainable and with zero pollution. Self-sustainable units are being developed and will assure total independence. 


Almost every electric device are connected to a wireless smart system and can be operated through a smartphone or tablet. camera, movement sensor, temperature sensor, open door/windows sensor, smoke detector, etc. The most outstanding features are:

  • Projected and developed in Brazil with Portuguese technology;

  • Even the smallest of the modules count on this technology;

  • Power consumption measurements;

  • Safety guaranteed and certified;

  • The system can be installed at a later date;

  • No need for extra wires;

  • You can access your smart house with your phone or tablet.